I can't find a Will!

No Will? What are the rules?

No Will? What
are the rules?

If someone close to you has died without a will then you are likely to need help in dealing with the estate. The first thing that you should do is register the death and get at least five copies of the death certificate. You then need to decide if you are entitled to act on behalf of the deceased person. The rules for doing this are laid down by law, broadly speaking the order in which people are entitled to apply is:

Surviving spouse




Brother or sister

Uncle or aunt

Once you have decided if you can apply then your duties will be similar to those of an executor see our executor’s duties page for full details. When you have valued and protected the assets, dealt with HMRC and the courts, paid any tax, outstanding bills and liabilities you will then be able to distribute the estate in line with the rules of intestate succession.

Who gets what depends on the size of the estate, how the assets were owned and the exact make up of the deceased persons family. Again we can help with advice and assistance.Your other alternative is to put the estate into the hands of one of our case managers who will administer the estate, deal with the formalities and distribute to the beneficiaries without any further stress for you and your family.

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The most common reason for not making a will is - “If I die my wife gets everything.” Sadly this is not true.

If someone close to you has died without a will then you need to follow the rules of intestate succession.

What you are entitled to and how you get it are subject to some complex rules. Call us free on 01778 252 301 for more information.

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