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You need to know what to do (our executors duties page is a good guide), how much you are going to do on your own and what bits you need to hand over to a professional.


When choosing your professional probate service ask yourself do they offer:


• Stress free and efficient estate administration

• Meetings at our office or in your own home at a time that suits you

• Costs fixed from the outset

• Quick and comprehensive service

• Specialist professional advice

• Legal services delivered by a fellow of the Institute of Paralegals or equivalent

• Professional connections to maximise your inheritance


Can they also provide you with advice on writing a will, lasting powers of attorney, inheritance tax and succession planning?


If they check all of the boxes then go ahead with confidence. If not get in contact with us by calling 0800 612 4512

It is a difficult time when someone dies, emotions are high and life can be confusing.


Your first steps are to:


• Register the death

• Obtain a copy of the will or the original

• Make initial contact with a funeral director

• Arrange to meet with the executors or a professional if you are going to use a probate service

Where to start

Deciding who to trust when dealing with a death can be difficult.

Dealing with death Our Guide to How To Get Probate